You can send an email to this domain, it doesn't matter what's before the @; I have a catch-all. This is probably the fastest way to establish contact with me, no guarantees though.

If you want to hide our conversations from prying eyes my fingerprint is:

D22D 0210 9CB8 3DDF FF5C 3194 9DEB 9C8C 765E E14B

For example, with gpg:

gpg --keyserver --recv-keys "D22D 0210 9CB8 3DDF FF5C 3194 9DEB 9C8C 765E E14B"

Developer Sites


My handle on Freenode is 'necklace', but I'm not on much anymore. Feel free to send me a message if you see me. I have an fsf/member cloak so if you see someone with my name but without that cloak then either; I've stopped being a member, I've been hacked, or it's an impostor.


I don't like communicating via phone, the bitrate is always too low and subseqently the quality is bad. If you really wish to contact me through voice, please email me first and we can make arrangements, though I do prefer using something like GNU Jami, Element, or Jitsi.