You can send an email to this domain, it doesn't matter what's before the @; I have a catch-all. This is probably the fastest way to establish contact with me, no guarantees though.

If you want to hide our conversations from prying eyes my fingerprint is:

D22D 0210 9CB8 3DDF FF5C 3194 9DEB 9C8C 765E E14B

For example, with gpg:

gpg --recv-keys "D22D 0210 9CB8 3DDF FF5C 3194 9DEB 9C8C 765E E14B"

Social Media / Developer Sites


My handle on Freenode is 'necklace', I use quassel to be online 24/7, feel free to send me a message. I have an fsf/member cloak so if you see someone with my name but without that cloak then either; I've stopped being a member, I've been hacked, or it's an impostor.

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